Top Reasons Why
You Need OrgChart5

If one or more of the points below speaks to you, you need OrgChart5.
  1. You are spending too much time creating and maintaining Org Charts. OrgChart5 saves you time. With you OrgChart5, you can automatically create an Org Chart from an Excel spreadsheet in minutes (using the Import Wizard). Professional quality, predefined templates make formatting as simple as a double-click.
  2. You are looking for a cost effective tool to automate the org chart creation process. You’ve got the data but no easy way to generate and communicate org charts.
  3. You are frustrated with tools like PowerPoint and Visio. Updating and moving boxes results in scrambled branches and poor layout. OrgChart5 automatically recalculates page layout when you add, delete or moves boxes within an org chart.
  4. You want boardroom quality output not mediocre quality output.  OrgChart5 generates resolution independent formats such as PDF, EPS, and SVG.  This means your charts will always look crisp and professional in printed documents, in web pages, or even embedded in MS Word or PowerPoint documents.
  5. You need to get large org charts on a single page. OrgChart5 is the ONLY tool that allows you to get hundreds of boxes on a single, readable page.
  6. You (and your IT department) don’t want to install software on your organization’s computers. Every time you install software on your computer, you have to worry about system stability and malware. With OrgChart5, there is nothing to install. All you need is a web browser.
  7. You want to keep IT costs to a minimum by deploying cloud based solutions. No servers to maintain or software packages to upgrade.
  8. You and your colleagues need easy access to org charts and workforce plans even though everyone uses a different kind of device (PCs, iPads, Macs, etc.).
  9. You want to access your org charts and workforce plans from anywhere (OrgChart5 stores all data securely in the cloud).  You never have to worry about having the latest revision of an org chart or workforce plan.
  10. You are looking for cost effective tools to help facilitate organizational design and workforce planning activities.
  11. You are looking for cost effective tools to aid with workforce analytics. OrgChart5’s built-in calculations and conditional formatting compliment tools like Tableau and Microsoft Excel. Including org charts in presentations provides insights that cannot be achieved in graphs or spreadsheets alone.
  12. You don’t have time for expensive/complex/time consuming implementations and training sessions. OrgChart5 is simple to implement and easy to learn.
  13. You want to work with a forward thinking company that is passionate about providing great customer service and great products.
  14. You want to work with a company that is actively developing new functionality and using new technologies (like HTML5). You don’t want to work with companies who don’t innovate and try to sell you “Windows 98” technology.

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