Dynamic Organizational Chart

With OrgChart5, you can integrate a dynamic organization chart into your web portal. Dynamic organizational charts can be generated using OrgChart5 Professional Edition.

Dynamic Organizational Charts are superior to static organizational charts (e.g. a PNG or JPG image file) for reasons including:
  • Charts can automatically updated as changes to data or formatting are made on the backend (either manually or automatically through data refresh). No need to waste time exporting a file and then upload that file to a web server.
  • Chart can be exported to different file formats for inclusion in presentations (e.g. PowerPoint or Word). Supported formats include SVG, PNG and EPS (Encapsulated PostScript).
  • Multi-page charts can easily be navigated by drilling up and down the hierarchy.
  • Charts can be zoomed and panned within the browser window.
  • Charts can contain hyperlinks that allow users access additional details for a given employee. For example, a chart box can be linked to a detailed bio.
  • Users can easily search for a specific records within a chart.
  • Users can export chart data to Excel for further analysis.

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